Our products

New World Wind is proud to present a portfolio of different products. Unique in the world, they are the results of many years of research and development. Our goal is to offer a clean and sustainable energy solution for self-consumption for different uses or installations.

The Aeroleaf® technology, the combination of high technology and design

Micro-wind turbine created by us, the Aeroleaf® is the basis of our product and focuses all our work. Thanks to its unique design, it allows to exploit the weakest winds for a tenfold efficiency whatever the place where the tree is planted.

Windbush : the all-purpose solution

Ideal for individuals and small spaces, Windbush is suitable for use in small structures and buildings. Photovoltaic petals and Aeroleaf®, discover a unique technology resulting from the alliance between modernity and design.

Windpalm : a customisable solution

The Windpalm is also a complete power generation system. Available with 3, 4 or 5 trunks, the Winpalm is fully customisable; leaf colour; number of modules, layout etc... Bring to life the Tree of your dreams that will blend in perfectly with the place where it will be planted.

Windtree : Ideal for the urban forest

A complete electricity production system, the Wind Tree is composed of 3 trunks, branches and leaves; the Aeroleafs®. The wind tree embellishes urban squares and blends into the landscape in a natural environment. It does not require any building permit and does not need constraining maintenance.

Discover our products

New World Wind proposes different designs of wind turbines solutions which integrate biophormic design.

Our products
100% wind power
Normal 300 W


18 Vert 3 Blanc Normal 5,4 kW to 9,0 kW


12 Vert 4 Blanc Normal 3,6 kW


Orange Marron Normal 10,8 kW


Our hybrid products
(wind and solar)
18 Vert 3 Blanc Hybrid 5,4 kW + 432 Wc
to 9,0 kW + 740 Wc

Hybrid WindPalm