The WindPalm is a tree-shaped electricity production system made up of 3 to 5 steel trunks and branches on which 18 to 30 leaf-shaped wind turbines are fixed.

An interesting alternative to the WindTree which allows you to combine 18, 24 or 30 Aeroleaf®. Whatever its configuration, it can be set up along the road and in public or private gardens. For greater performance, add photovoltaic petals to the leaves. It can exploit all types of wind in urban environments as well as in natural environments.

New World Wind has created the Aéroleaf®, a unique technology resulting from the marriage between design and cutting-edge technology. At the service of the planet, our product can be placed on various supports. Our shafts are designed to derive maximum benefit from Aeroleafs®.

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This configuration exists but the visual is not yet available
WindPalm or Hybrid WindPalm
Price from28 800 € HT
37 500 € HT
for hybrid version
Power from5,4 kW to 9,0 kW
5,4 kW + 432 Wc
to 9,0 kW + 740 Wc

for hybrid version
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Hybrid ?
Aeroleafs and trunks
Aeroleafs color
Trunks color
Please consult us for all other colors or configurations
Download the data sheet WindPalm Hybrid WindPalm
What is hybrid version?

New World Wind proposes to extend the efficiency of their products by adding a solar petal at the base of aeroleaf.

Solar and windmills can work together to enhance the capacity for providing energy during all the day.

The solar petal is designed to be elegant and calculated to increase a little bit the speed of wind (Venturi effect) and permits a best production of energy from the aeroleaf.

Hybrid Aeroleaf can be deployed on roof, terraces, and all supports without exemption.

The WindPalm at the service of all

The WindPalm is an alternative of the WindTree. In accordance with the available space, we can facilitate the installation of a WindPalm composed with 3, 4 or 5 trunks. In this case, the choosen configuration will have 18, 24 or 30 aeroleafs and will be one solution to adapt the customer’s requests.

With the WindPalm, we can provide energy at the just level and facilitate the transition to « green energy ». The WindPalm could be the adapted solution for each of us, private owners, companies or cities.

WindPalm is quiet (no noise) and bird friendly as all our production.

WindPalm can exist in Hybrid version with 3, 4 or 5 trunks and equipped with 12,16 or 20 solar petals fixed at the base of the uppest aeroleafs.