A la une
From : The Silicon Review
January 2024

One reward from the Silicon Review to congrat us about our solutions. New World Wind is recognized as 50 top leaders companies in USA. A beginning of a New World !

US article
From : The Silicon Review
December 2023

One reward from the Silicon Review, an american review, gave us the possibility to speak about our products and our strategy in America and all over the world.

US Article
From : Energy Business Review
October 2023

New World Wind, nature-inspired green energy !

From : Energy Business Review
September 2023

Energy Business magazine awarded us a reward for our action and our products on renewable energies. New World Wind is on the Top 10 of european renewable energy companies. You can read through this link all details about our policy, strategy and products to save our planet with a beautiful idea.

European article
From : altenergymag.com
April 2023

Aeroleafs can be deployed on different support with any inconveniences, no sound, birds friendly too. Our targets are to install aeroleafs inside the cities with our biomorphic trees or on the roof of building to provide energy inside all buildings.